Update to link to the sourcecode page.

14 Oct 2017 - Well, this is embarrassing. Months ago I updated this app, and created the above-linked sourcecode release page for it. Then forgot to post the updated APK. D'oh!

So the sourcecode above is 1.2.29, Here is the 1.2.33 latest build APK.
Tested to work with V3.5, but does NOT work with V3.4.1. Apologies to all on the forums whom I mislead into thinking the previous release worked with V3.5, this is the version I've been running all that time and thought I'd posted here back in March/April.

1 March 2017 - updated and tested against firmware v3.3RC and several earlier releases. Apologies for the delays on this release
Download v1.2.7 test release

Kind of embarrassing - I expected significant under-the-hood changes in the newest ePMP firmware's JSON/AJAX communications, and delayed looking into it because our own techs here don't even use this app, only I do. Turns out there's a very simple difference that I was able to accomodate with minimal changes to the app logic.

Download v1.1.547 test release

New beta release. Adds audio option to alignment and enables Config tab previously available only for my techs.

For the beta I've dropped in a sonic ring/cash register sound, still don't have a sound I like. Cutoff points are -75,-65,-55 - above and below those four points you hear the same sound repeated once, twice, three times, or four times in a two second interval. (faster beep = better rssi) Alignment polling is now once every 1/2 second, audio updates every 2 seconds.

On the Config tab, I tried to make it WISP-neutral: it adapts to the IP/interface settings it finds in the unit and presents bridge/nat/router settings as appropriate, hides related fields if DHCP is enabled, exposes related fields if separate management is enabled. It does NOT support VLAN, Radius, or PPPoE settings.

Currently the MIR drop-down specifies the provisioning of our APs, I'm considering ways of making that customizable. Of course if you set it to profile 2 you'll get whatever (if anything) your AP has defined for profile 2, probably not the 10/2 we provision as #2.

Config tab has a button to use the android device's GPS to populate the lat/long fields in the radio.

The intent is to push a default config to each unit before they go into active inventory. That config sets everything that remains the same across all units, like NAT/Router/Bridge, DHCP, DNS, etc. Then the app exposes only the fields that should be changed for an ordinary installation, like name, static IPs, location, and AP preference. (that last one not yet supported)

The IP address listed on the Status page is now followed by a letter - B, N, or R - indicating the networking mode as Bridge, NAT, or Route.

Download v1.0.471 first public release

Usage should be fairly self-explanatory. Open app and it presents a login dialog, including IP. Default is If you check the 'Remember' checkbox when you login it will save whatever you've entered as the new default IP/user/pass.

There are two separate polling cycles taking place - the main Status info is polled every five seconds, and the eAlign info is polled every quarter second. The eAlign polling only happens when you're looking at the Align tab, the Status polling always takes place while logged in. NOTE: this means that when looking at the Align tab, the RSSI levels and meter are updated every quarter second, while the SNR and MCS and other fields at the top are updated every five seconds, since they're part of the Status dataset.

Swipe left and right on pages to switch, or tap the tabs at the top. Back button will return you to login, then exit from there.

The colored outlines in the AP list: Blue is the currently-connected AP. Green for any AP that looks like a workable candidate. Yellow indicates some limitation - either the signal is fairly low, and/or there are only a few more SMs permitted on that AP. Red outline indicates an AP that is not usable, either due to signal level, unavailable client slots, or failed authentication. (with the excess space unused on this view, I think I'll be adding explanations to the AP bubbles - why a given AP is/isn't a good idea)

Contact Joel Newkirk epmpme@newkirk.us with problems/suggestions/questions, or reach out to me on the Cambium support forums.